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VITA participated in the 2017 Jiangsu Provincial Museum Custodian Work Experience Exchange Conferenc

time:2020-08-13   Views:37

Recently, the "2017 Jiangsu Provincial Museum Custody Work Experience Exchange Meeting" sponsored by the Collection Preservation Committee of Jiangsu Museum Society and undertaken by Xuzhou Museum and Changzhou Museum was held in Xuzhou. More than 80 cultural relic preservation professionals from 37 museums, memorials and cultural relics protection and management institutions in the province attended the meeting.

The meeting invited Lu Chenglong, director of the artifacts department of the Palace Museum, to give a theme report entitled "A Brief Talk on the Experience of the Palace Museum in the Management of Treasury Cultural Relics". Representatives of the “Top Ten Custodians” selected by the Collections Preservation Professional Committee of the Jiangsu Museums Association respectively focus on cultural relic storage duties, collection management systems, preventive protection, generalization work summary, exhibition planning, etc., combined with their own work performance Exchange of experience. Yizheng City Museum, Suzhou Museum, and Nanjing Museum, as participating units of the "Gold Medal Warehouse", shared their experience in the construction of cultural relics warehouses.

Nanjing VITA Information Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the exchange meeting and introduced the "Network Information Service Platform for the Cultural and Museum Industry".