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Small exhibition hall design

time:2020-08-13   Views:61

Design of small exhibition halls-At present, many government departments need to use the original office buildings or old factories to design small exhibition halls to meet the needs of daily government reception. When it comes to the design of small exhibition halls, many people think it is very simple. In fact, the design of small exhibition halls is not simple. Although the sparrow is small and complete, the functions of the exhibition hall are basically not lacking. This is a challenge for designers. Creative design in the space must also take into account many aspects such as fire protection, HVAC, circulation, decoration, and display.

There are generally several types of small pavilion design customers: the first is state-owned or listed companies, private companies, they receive an important leader to visit and inspect at a certain time, in order to facilitate the leadership to guide the work, introduce company culture and strength temporarily Find a venue for the design of the exhibition hall. The design requirements for this small exhibition hall are very simple. The design and construction are completed immediately without delaying political reception. This kind of project is a one-off project in the end; the other is the government for a specific event , An exhibition area to display cultural brands is needed, and a space of about 1,000 square meters is designated for layout design. This kind of project is actually a one-off. In general, the small-scale pavilion design clients are state-owned enterprises, central enterprises, private enterprises, government functional departments, etc. The purpose is for a temporary reception and exhibition, and the address is a temporarily selected place or an old office building or factory. The design of such small exhibition halls has to face the following problems: first, the owner is impatient; second, the site belongs to the old site, involving demolition works and the original building will affect the performance of the design; third, the time is tight, and there needs to be Complete within a strong time; fourth, the cooperating team must be absolutely combative. Comprehensive exhibition hall design experience for many years is displayed by Yidao. Conventional small exhibition halls within 2000 square meters have a design period of 1 month, intensified design 40 days, and installation and construction 2 months. This is the period of short-distance operations.

In the design of small exhibition halls, some customers are enterprises. In order to help sales or corporate brand display in the short term, such small exhibition halls can be defined by O2O experience exhibition centers. Their audiences are market-oriented consumers. The core is to grasp the habits of consumers and the flow of people, safety factors, the design of the exhibition area is easy to update, the exhibits are safe and replaceable, and the form of display must be novel and bold enough to attract consumers' attention.

The design of small exhibition halls cannot be equated to the design of museums and science and technology museums. Small exhibition halls have their own unique design elements and expression forms. If you want to design small exhibition halls well, it can meet the needs of government reception, media display, consumer experience, etc. Yes, we must have a normal mentality to do every step of creative planning and design. Design does not immediately have inspiration. It takes a long time to accumulate precipitation and work hard to produce fine products.