Based on the VITA cross-border e-commerce platform, VITA Wenbo has established an industrial ecosystem with the cultural and cultural equipment industry as the core, focusing on researching relevant laws, policies, and standards of the cultural and cultural equipment industry, and actively participating in the formulation and improvement of professional standards. Art galleries, art galleries, private collection institutions, etc. provide professional consulting and planning, design and implementation, guarantee and operation and maintenance, provide product marketing and promotion services for manufacturers, and create a professional and unique network and physical relationship for the cultural and cultural equipment industry. Combined composite platform.

We have five major business services: product promotion planning, product sales, product warehousing and logistics support, product technical support, product after-sales support

Product after-sales support

1. Communicate with you based on the drawings, photos or sketches you provide, understand your design and production intentions, determine whether on-site surveys are needed, and agree on the production cycle, service content and price estimates.

2. Provide the original building materials and design requirements to the design department of the company. (For customers from other places, please call us first, the expert of showcase planning, and then send the original drawings and photos to us via E-mail or QQ and other network tools, with detailed instructions, design requirements, drawing requirements, etc., Nantong Showcase planning plan, the more detailed the information, the better).

3. The design department drafts multiple plans, determines the best plan, and determines the feasibility of the project.

4. The two parties had a pleasant negotiation and signed the contract. The company received an advance payment of 50% of the total amount of the project. Within 3 working days (or within the agreed time) after the payment is received, the designer will provide a rendering of the preliminary design plan. (Customers from other places remit the prepayment to the designated bank account)

5. During the design period, the client can propose amendments and details to the designer.

6. Deepen the design and plan the jewelry showcase. After the adjustment is completed, the rendering and post-production drawings will be carried out. After the production is completed, we will send you a sample of the drawing and partial details for your confirmation. (According to customer needs, our company can provide a complete set of design drawings. The works are delivered in the form of paper drawings or e-mail.)

7. Determine the design plan, and the company dispatches the factory to start production.

8. Finished production. Showcase production customers, when the showcase production is completed, go to the factory for acceptance and pay 40% of the total amount of the project. After the showcase is transported to the location designated by the customer and installed, the customer shall pay the remaining 10%.