Warehousing Logistics

Based on the VITA cross-border e-commerce platform, VITA Wenbo has established an industrial ecosystem with the cultural and cultural equipment industry as the core, focusing on researching relevant laws, policies, and standards of the cultural and cultural equipment industry, and actively participating in the formulation and improvement of professional standards. Art galleries, art galleries, private collection institutions, etc. provide professional consulting and planning, design and implementation, guarantee and operation and maintenance, provide product marketing and promotion services for manufacturers, and create a professional and unique network and physical relationship for the cultural and cultural equipment industry. Combined composite platform.

We have five major business services: product promotion planning, product sales, product warehousing and logistics support, product technical support, product after-sales support

Product warehousing and logistics support

1. Adjusting supply and demand Because there are more or less time or space differences between production and consumption, warehousing can improve the time utility of products, adjust balanced production and concentrated consumption, or balance consumption and concentrated production in the time contradiction.

2. Reducing transportation costs and improving transportation efficiency are the intuitive performance of (storage racks) in the enterprise logistics system. Large-scale, complete vehicle transportation will bring transportation economy. In terms of supply logistics, most companies purchase raw materials in small quantities from multiple suppliers and transport them to warehouses, and then consolidate and transport them to the factory. Since the vehicle transportation rate is lower than the LTL transportation rate, this will greatly reduce transportation costs and improve transportation efficiency.

3. Carry out product integration   

The role of the warehouse is not only LCL shipment, but also product integration according to customer requirements. In addition to meeting the product integration needs of customers, the warehouse is also very economical for companies using raw materials or spare parts to combine raw materials or spare parts from different sources from the supply warehouse, and transport the entire vehicle to the factory to meet the demand. .

4. Support the company's sales service   

The warehouse is reasonably close to the customer. In terms of sales and logistics, the company transports the large storage racks of the products from each factory to the market warehouse in batches, and then makes the products reach the customers in a timely manner according to the customer's requirements, which will improve customer satisfaction and expand corporate sales , This is particularly important for enterprise finished product warehouses.