Technical Support

Based on the VITA cross-border e-commerce platform, VITA Wenbo has established an industrial ecosystem with the cultural and cultural equipment industry as the core, focusing on researching relevant laws, policies, and standards of the cultural and cultural equipment industry, and actively participating in the formulation and improvement of professional standards. Art galleries, art galleries, private collection institutions, etc. provide professional consulting and planning, design and implementation, guarantee and operation and maintenance, provide product marketing and promotion services for manufacturers, and create a professional and unique network and physical relationship for the cultural and cultural equipment industry. Combined composite platform.

We have five major business services: product promotion planning, product sales, product warehousing and logistics support, product technical support, product after-sales support

Product technical support

1. Temperature and humidity: Different cultural relics have different temperature and humidity suitable for storage. For example, the storage temperature of pottery cultural relics is between 18 and 24 degrees, and the relative humidity is 50% to 65%; and paper The temperature should be between 14 and 18 degrees, and the relative humidity should be 50% to 60%; other organic and inorganic products have different requirements.

2. Illumination: The illumination of the cultural relics displayed in the museum generally uses cold light sources to reduce the damage of the light to the cultural relics. Suitable illuminance for inorganic type: 150-300Lux, suitable for organic type illuminance 50Lux.

3. Air environment: Inorganic cultural relics such as ceramics, stoneware, metal and other cultural relics are generally required to be free of dust and acid gas; organic cultural relics such as textiles, paper, wood, leather and other cultural relics are required to be free of dust, harmful gases, and insect-proof , Anti-mold.

Since the size of the cultural relics displayed is not necessarily the size of the exhibition hall and the style, the size of the showcase is mostly customized. There are steel, wood, stone, etc. in the selection of the base material of the showcase. With glass as the glass display layer, the overall requirements are safe, reliable and convenient.

When we design and produce museum-specific constant temperature and humidity cabinets, we always grasp the needs of customers, and use our experience and unique insights in the field of constant temperature and humidity cabinets for many years to help customers make the right choice.