Product Sales

Based on the VITA cross-border e-commerce platform, VITA Wenbo has established an industrial ecosystem with the cultural and cultural equipment industry as the core, focusing on researching relevant laws, policies, and standards of the cultural and cultural equipment industry, and actively participating in the formulation and improvement of professional standards. Art galleries, art galleries, private collection institutions, etc. provide professional consulting and planning, design and implementation, guarantee and operation and maintenance, provide product marketing and promotion services for manufacturers, and create a professional and unique network and physical relationship for the cultural and cultural equipment industry. Combined composite platform.

We have five major business services: product promotion planning, product sales, product warehousing and logistics support, product technical support, product after-sales support

Product sales

In order to satisfy users, our company will provide various services before, during and after sales, and strive to satisfy users

1. We provide users with various technical consultations, be good advisers, and provide relevant technical information, such as product samples, product manuals, product structure drawings, accessory design drawings, etc.

2. For user calls, letters and inquiries and visits, our company will warmly receive and reply in time. For products that our company cannot produce and purchase temporarily, we should also explain the reasons to users and provide information, and introduce them to other units.

3. After the contract is signed, our company organizes production according to quality and quantity. Our company actively cooperates with users stationed personnel, and our company will pay attention to and improve the opinions on product manufacturing quality put forward by users stationed personnel.

4. For products ordered by important projects, our company will notify users to send people to participate in the joint inspection before the factory inspection, and our company will provide users with convenience in work and life.

5. Before the product is shipped, our company is responsible for contacting the transport vehicle for the user, loading the vehicle free of charge, and will also notify the user to receive the goods in time, and provide the user with the product quality certificate and the goods delivery note.

6. When the product is shipped to the user, if the product is damaged due to transportation reasons, our company will send someone to assist the user in negotiating the claim with the carrier, negotiate the solution, and actively send someone to repair it to meet the user's satisfaction.

7. When the product is shipped, if there are any quantitative problems such as missing supply, wrong supply or undersupply, our company will immediately send someone to the site for service and processing after receiving the notice.

8. During the user's use, if product quality problems are found due to the responsibility of our company, our company guarantees to reply within 24 hours after receiving the notice; if it needs to be dealt with, it is guaranteed to send someone immediately On-site, troubleshooting is free, so that the equipment can be put back into operation in the shortest time; if you do not need to go to the site for service, you must be a good adviser and provide users with the best solution.

9. If our company sends someone to the user’s site to provide services, we should negotiate the arrival date with the user’s phone. If due to some objective reasons, the user cannot arrive as scheduled, we must notify the user in advance and explain the reason or take corresponding measures to ensure that the user is not damaged or Minimize the loss.

10. If it is confirmed by both parties that the product quality problem is caused by our company's manufacturing and cannot continue to be used, our company is responsible for the "three guarantees", that is, warranty, replacement, and return.

11. If there is a difference in quality or it is difficult to determine, it must be inspected by an authoritative organization, and if the inspection result is found to be unqualified, our company will bear all direct losses and expenses incurred, including sampling fees, transportation fees, loading and unloading fees And inspection fee.

12. The product's quality guarantee period is one year after installation and commissioning. However, if various quality problems occur within three years, if the cause is indeed the manufacturing cause, our company will implement the "three guarantees".

13. When users purchase and use our products, if they are not satisfied with the equipment price, performance, after-sales service, etc., they can return the goods within a period of time after purchase. For returns from Monday to Friday, our company can refund the entire payment. For returns not due to product reasons, our company can also negotiate as appropriate to achieve customer satisfaction.