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Nanjing VITA Cultural Heritage Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2010 and is now located in the Jiangning National Economic and Technological Development Zone in Nanjing, Jiangsu. The company adheres to the tenet of "mastering forward-looking technology and manufacturing timely products", with the development philosophy of "green, low-carbon, culture, technology, and innovation", and based on Weta's cross-border cultural and expo technology product service platform, to establish cultural heritage protection The industrial ecosystem with technical equipment as the core, focusing on the application of new materials and technologies for cultural heritage protection, and industry-related laws, policies, and standards, actively participating in the formulation and improvement of professional standards, serving museums, art galleries, archives, art galleries, Library, private collection institutions, etc. provide professional consultation and planning, design and implementation, guarantee and operation and maintenance, and also provide product marketing and after-sales services for manufacturers to create a professional and unique network for the cultural heritage protection technology and equipment industry Composite platform combined with entity.

Weta always insists on seeking cooperation and innovation in multiple fields. In 2018, Weta and Nanjing University and Nanjing Museum jointly formed industry-university-research cooperation, and established experimental and manufacturing R&D bases in Weta. Through industry-university-research cooperation, focusing on the research of high-tech materials, technological equipment research and development and other fields to continuously strengthen collaboration and research, launch a series of new materials and new equipment that meet the requirements of cultural heritage protection, simple operation, efficient and practical, and cultural heritage in the country and the world Promotion and application in the field of protection.

Weta is striving to comply with the national cultural and cultural strategy, focusing on building "one platform, two centers" as the goal, that is, Nanjing Weta Cultural and Cultural Industry Network Information Service Platform; Nanjing Weta Cultural Heritage Protection Technology Product R&D Center; Nanjing Weta Technology Service Assurance Center.

Weta has long-term cooperation and services with many domestic institutions such as the Palace Museum, National Museum, Nanjing Museum and so on. Related technical products have also been applied in well-known foreign museums such as the Louvre in France and the British Museum in the United Kingdom. A European representative office (sales, exchange, and service) has been established in Italy to follow the national "One Belt One Road" strategy and actively promote China, Irving Technology Equipment Industry Exchange.

Platform system

Weta Cultural and Cultural Industry Service Platform, to create a professional and unique composite platform for the cultural and cultural equipment industry that combines networks and entities.

Features and advantages

+ Professional consulting service

+ Completeness of the solution

+ Systematic product categories

+ Perfect after-sales service

For member companies

Only responsible for supply, the platform is responsible for product management, sales, logistics and after-sales service

The platform assists in handling product-related qualifications, testing and certification

For customers

One-stop shopping

Professional pre-sales consultation and unified after-sales service