VITA-P20II (200m³) Constant Volume Humidity Controller



Provide an uninterrupted, effective, gentle and sudden humidity control for single or multiple medium and large display cabinets and open cabinets.

Low energy consumption, stable air flow and high control accuracy.

All-steel frame and shell, durable, safe and reliable.

The output airflow reaches the set range before it is delivered to the showcase. If the equipment fails or other factors cause the airflow to fail to meet the standard during operation, the equipment will automatically switch to the bypass and no longer deliver to the cabinet to ensure the safety and stability of the airflow.

The positive pressure method sends the gas required by the cultural relics into the cabinet, and the air filter module is equipped to effectively prevent the polluted gas from entering the showcase.

The continuous positive pressure airflow can continuously squeeze out the volatiles in the cultural relics or showcases, making the environment control in the cabinets more stable and cleaner.

Purely physical adjustment, simple operation, reliable use and easy maintenance.

Perfect self-checking function, fault or abnormal situation can prompt alarm.

The equipment comes with a water tank and has an automatic water replenishment function, without manual intervention (the equipment needs to be connected to tap water).

Standard communication module, data gateway and 10-inch touch screen, which can be connected to the intelligent environment monitoring system for networking.


Host size: 900MM long X600MM wide X1625MM high

Weight: <150KG (water tank empty), <250KG (water tank full)

Power supply: 220V 50Hz 30A

Stable power consumption: 12A 220V when 50% humidity is generated at 21℃.

Maximum working current: 25A 220V 50HZ.

Display and control mode: 10-inch graphic touch operation terminal

Dewatering: Dewatering from the ground.

Water supply pipe: inner diameter 6MM.

Air filter media: activated carbon / HPFA

Water filtration media: back osmosis / activated carbon

Inlet and outlet: inner diameter 25MM-30MM

Output capacity: at working temperature 15-32℃, RH30%-75%, airflow can be supplied

Showcases ≤200m³ (exhibition cabinet air exchange rate: ≤2d-1).

Installation requirements

Installation location: 1.8M long X1.5M wide X2M high, temperature 15-30℃, good ventilation.

220V 30A power supply

There must be at least one 25mm air inlet hole and one 30mm hole for the sensor to pass through in the showcase.

There is a drain.

There is tap water supply.