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President Ma of the Qi Culture Museum of Shandong Province visited our company for exchanges and sem

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On the morning of April 11, 2018, in the meeting room of our company, President Ma of Shandong Qi Culture Museum communicated with our company on related topics such as the construction of smart museums:

1. Regarding the positioning of the future development direction of the smart museum

The construction of smart museums needs to pay more attention to the users of the museum, that is, governance at the visitor level. In the future, the public intelligent services of museums will be a major trend.

2. Problems in the research direction of smart museums

At present, the preventive protection of museum cultural relics and the selection of research topics are also very important: problems such as the protection of paper and silk cultural relics and the rust removal of bronzes are troubled by many museums, and it is worth investing time and energy in technical research on such problems. .

3. Guarantee of the reliability of museum equipment in the process of intelligent integration

Finally, on the new era, the new definition of the new era museum, Dean Ma shared his views with us:

Museum is a way of life in the future, and cultural activities based on museums will become a trend of future museum development. Dean Ma also expressed the hope that Vita Wenbo can fully consider all aspects of the construction of smart museums and build the development direction of products and systems in the industry.